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Important Message

Dear valued customer

We trust you are well.  We are writing to you about an article recently published in the Evening Standard, concerning a company called Green Energy Together (link below):

The unfortunate use of an acronym to describe this company within the article i.e. GET-UK, has led to a couple of customers contacting us to query it.  We wanted to take this opportunity to expressly clarify that GET Solutions UK Limited and the GET Group of companies (GET Generation, GET IM and Energy by GET) have NO connection or affiliation to Green Energy Together (GET-UK)  whatsoever.  They are also not a brand associated with the Energy Revolution powered by GET.  

Hopefully the above is clear but, should you have any further questions, please contact

Yours sincerely

The GET Group Management Team   

Energy Market Update


Strong LNG output and imports heightened by an appreciating pound against the euro continued to support gas prices down throughout March. Supply remained reasonably high despite a number of outages at Norwegian gas fields increasing demand.

Worryingly, a deal is yet to be reached between Russia & Ukraine which remains a concern, adding upwards pressure to the gas market. More potential upside is coming from fears over Centrica’s Rough gas storage facility with a potential 30% capacity cut due to technical issues. However, the strong supply and lower oil prices due to the continued over supply has muted this impact.


The gas market continued to be the main driver behind the power market movement. The news that Rough gas storage might face capacity restrictions fed through to the power market and raised prices, however weak coal and oil prices reduced the impact.

At the beginning of the month milder temperatures and consistent wind speeds pushed up power production from renewables, pushed prices down. Mid-month saw cooler than forecasted temperatures increasing heating demand and the need for gas in power generation.


What to watch out for throughout April

In May we should hear more on the financial situation in Greece. They are currently locked in talks with creditors as they are running the risk of running out of cash and are seeking fresh financial aid.

An update on the Rough Gas Storage capacity problems is expected shortly.
Talks between Russia & Ukraine continue with the EU next month on the pricing of Russian Gas deliveries.



Concern over energy security in the UK

Almost nine in 10 (87%) businesses are concerned by the UK’s energy security, according to a new survey. Published on 3 November, the CBI’s Taking the Long View report said that the figure was even higher among manufacturers (92%), and that despite increased investment in the grid over recent years there was “a very real perception that we are experiencing an energy crisis”.

The vast majority of businesses (94%) were also concerned about the future cost of energy supply. The CBI called on the government to implement all elements of its Electricity Market Reform package and to ensure that energy efficiency was treated as an infrastructure priority. Get Solutions have consistently helped UK business reduced long term demand giving clients stability in a volatile market.

Manufacturing Insurance

Tom Bailey on Keeping the Lights On


Tom Bailey on Keeping the Lights On

Our energy expert, specialist procurement manager, Tom Bailey, talks about the current winter energy fear gripping the UK.

For the past two years the UK has experienced unusually warm winters, which has led to less energy usage.

Between January and April this year we experienced an influx of windy weather, producing a lot of renewable energy. This increase led to energy prices falling to a four-year low, and little has changed.

Whilst the energy industry has been able to secure and use the renewable energy efficiently, we cannot survive on the hope of having another mild winter. Not when you consider that this winter is meant to be the coldest in a century, with arctic freeze gripping the UK.

Added to this concern, the UK Government have failed to meet their targets that promised new power stations, adding pressure upon our existing 1980s gas-fired power stations that are rapidly deteriorating. This has put the UK energy industry in a situation where there is no confirmed energy supply for the future.

Something that is increasingly worrying when you consider that energy stores in the UK are at all time low, with National Grid warning that we have just 4% spare electricity capacity for this winter.

Previously, both the UK and US relied upon LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) that was shipped from the Middle East. However the discovery of trapped natural shale gas in the US led to prices falling, as the US began exporting this as oil.

For UK energy markets to curb their reliance on imported energy, there has to be efficient energy management processes in place.

At Get Solutions we have taken this on board and we can help businesses identify what energy methods work best for them.  We visit properties and provide a tailored estimate of improvements that can be made, based on what they already have available.

We can also create a ‘green fund’ to help people reduce their energy consumption, and exploit the opportunities from solar, CHP and a variety of different technologies, leading to a reduction in energy consumption and associated costs.

So while the UK Government may not be delivering on its promise, we at Get Solutions are delivering on our commitment to using the latest market intelligence and technology to provide the most effective solutions around.

Get Solutions welcomes expert energy specialist

At Get Solutions we’ve recently made a great new addition to our team, specialist procurement manager, Tom Bailey.

With over eight years experience in the energy sector, Tom is ambitious, enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable, making him the perfect fit for our team of energy experts.

Tom’s new role at Get Solutions will see him responsible for product development. Meaning that he will be liaising with energy suppliers to ensure that our customers have the most current, and competitive products, in the energy market.

On taking on his biggest challenge yet, Tom commented: “When it comes to energy, the biggest challenge is working in such a competitive market, whilst ensuring we’re market leaders, not followers.

“And, whilst we need to be current and develop new products, we also need to ensure we have the right balance to cater for different business types, industries and people. So that means having a healthy balance of products and services. Which means you always have to keep moving.”

Managing Director, Alan Dodd, said: “Tom is a fantastic new addition to our team of energy experts, so from all the staff at Get Solutions, we’d like to say welcome to the team!”

Marathon pair raise much needed funds for charity

We’re proud to say that we are a company with staff that really try to make a difference. None more so than Julie Oglesby and Geraldine Roche, who recently took part in the Two Castles Run.

The running duo decided to pick up the pace last February when they committed to get fitter and healthier, starting by quitting smoking, and followed by plans to take part in a marathon.

Geraldine and Julie started training for the 10k marathon back in March, initially with plans to cement their commitment to healthy living, but more recently, in order to raise money for Rosie, a young girl with Polymicrogyria.

On the day, the ladies managed to complete the marathon, between Warwick Castle and Kenilworth Castle, in just over one hour. The pair have since caught the running bug, with plans to take part in the Draycote marathon in September, in order to raise more money for Rosie’s Dreams.

So far they have raised an impressive £1,180 for Rosie, and hope to inspire more local people to dig deep and help donate to this great cause.

Rosie’s Dream has been set up to raise money for a young girl with Polymicrogyria – a condition that causes restricted learning abilities, limited motor skills and spasticity in the legs. As a result, Rosie is confined to a wheelchair.

Rosie’s family is battling to raise the £15,000 needed for an operation called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy – a procedure that will greatly reduce the spasticity and pains. Making life much easier, and happier, for Rosie.

For more information on Rosie’s Dream, email Rosie’s mother, Lorraine Wheel, on: or visit the Facebook page