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GET Solutions get kicking for charity

GET Solutions get kicking for charity

Get solutions has helped to raise much needed funds for charity, by competing in the Football Waste World Cup at Northampton University’s Park Road Campus.

The one-day football tournament bought together 300 waste industry professionals from across the UK, and saw a total of 20 mixed-gender teams take part in six-a-side matches.

The event was held in support of the POD Charitable Trust, a charity that organises entertainment for children in hospitals.

Managing Director, Alan Dodd, said: “At Get Solutions we are committed to making a difference, which is why we were excited to take part in such a worthwhile event.

“Not only was it a great opportunity to meet people working in our industry, but it was also for a great cause.”

Raising funds to help Rosie’s Dream

Raising funds to help Rosie’s Dream


A charity raising funds to help a young girl with Polymicrogyria have been given a helping hand thanks to the dedicated team at Get Solutions.

By auctioning off seats to a football match between old rivals, Chelsea and Manchester United, we have raised a further £460 for charity, Rosie’s Dream. Bringing the total amount of money raised for Rosie this year to £1,445.

Rosie’s Dream was set up to help a young girl with Polymicrogyria – a condition that causes restricted learning abilities, limited motor skills and spasticity in the legs; which has led to Rosie being restricted to a wheelchair.

With support from donators, the charity is aiming towards its £15,000 goal to pay for a Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy operation.  This operation will significantly reduce the spasticity and pains suffered by Rosie and improve her quality of life.

For more information on Rosie’s Dream, visit her Facebook page.

GET Solutions shielding local firms from fluctuating energy prices

Get Solutions shielding local firms from fluctuating energy prices

At GET Solutions we care about our local community, which is why we have introduced a Coventry business initiative that will help provide a brighter and more stable future for our neighbouring businesses.

With hundreds of Coventry businesses already benefitting from our services, with an average saving of 17%* on their energy costs, the Coventry Price Shield initiative will further enhance our offering.

It will give business owners in the area the ability to dramatically reduce their energy bills, by taking advantage of lower energy rates when the market dips, whilst offering protection if prices rise.

Using our collective buying power, we have been able to give Coventry firms access to wholesale energy prices, which means that not only will they benefit from reduced costs, but they will not be penalised for reducing consumption or over-using energy.

We can also identify where a company is over-using energy, and over-spending on their energy bills, making sure that they choose the correct Price Shield solution – one that is both realistic and achievable.

By signing up to the Coventry Energy Initiative, businesses will also have access to exclusive domestic tariffs.

To find out how you can benefit from the Price Shield initiative call 0800 888 6020 or email us or click here to find out more.

*Energy cost savings figure based on renewal rates.

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Tom Bailey on Keeping the Lights On


Tom Bailey on Keeping the Lights On

Our energy expert, specialist procurement manager, Tom Bailey, talks about the current winter energy fear gripping the UK.

For the past two years the UK has experienced unusually warm winters, which has led to less energy usage.

Between January and April this year we experienced an influx of windy weather, producing a lot of renewable energy. This increase led to energy prices falling to a four-year low, and little has changed.

Whilst the energy industry has been able to secure and use the renewable energy efficiently, we cannot survive on the hope of having another mild winter. Not when you consider that this winter is meant to be the coldest in a century, with arctic freeze gripping the UK.

Added to this concern, the UK Government have failed to meet their targets that promised new power stations, adding pressure upon our existing 1980s gas-fired power stations that are rapidly deteriorating. This has put the UK energy industry in a situation where there is no confirmed energy supply for the future.

Something that is increasingly worrying when you consider that energy stores in the UK are at all time low, with National Grid warning that we have just 4% spare electricity capacity for this winter.

Previously, both the UK and US relied upon LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) that was shipped from the Middle East. However the discovery of trapped natural shale gas in the US led to prices falling, as the US began exporting this as oil.

For UK energy markets to curb their reliance on imported energy, there has to be efficient energy management processes in place.

At Get Solutions we have taken this on board and we can help businesses identify what energy methods work best for them.  We visit properties and provide a tailored estimate of improvements that can be made, based on what they already have available.

We can also create a ‘green fund’ to help people reduce their energy consumption, and exploit the opportunities from solar, CHP and a variety of different technologies, leading to a reduction in energy consumption and associated costs.

So while the UK Government may not be delivering on its promise, we at Get Solutions are delivering on our commitment to using the latest market intelligence and technology to provide the most effective solutions around.