CHP Co-generation – combined heat and power

CHP Combined Heat & Power - Power to you

On-site generation

Combined Heat and Power (CHP), alternatively known as co-generation, is the process of generating electricity locally and utilising the waste heat produced by the generation process.

Generating power on site, is not only cheaper than buying power from the grid, but there are also no transmission losses due to transportation of energy from a remote power station to the site drawing the power.

If your organisation is looking to improve its energy efficiency, cut energy costs, decrease its carbon emmissions, design a new build, redevelop an existing premises, install new boiler plant or just improve its corporate social responsibility, then this cleaner & greener technology is for you.


Combined Heat and Power is a proven and efficient solution. Specifying and installing a CHP unit requires skilled and experienced system engineering, project management, electrical and mechanical design and implementation

GET Solutions manage the complete process from specification, installation and on-going maintenance. You have no responsibility for the energy systems we install, therefore, you won’t need to retain specialised in-house staff to manage them. However, you will benefit from lower energy costs, reduced carbon emissions and protection from fluctuating energy markets

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