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UK businesses owed millions

Is your business owed money?

Following analysis carried out by a UK utilities consultancy, it has been revealed that one in five businesses have energy bills that contain errors. The total sum that is owed through inaccurate charges and miscalculated utility bills to businesses is expected to be up to £500 million pounds.

Whilst this figure is significant, it’s not surprising considering that up to 80% of businesses, don’t check their invoices for accuracy.

So where do these errors originate?

There’s no single point of origin, as they can arise from across the supply chain, from energy supplier errors to meter operators, data collectors or distribution network operators. Errors can result from imprecise meter reads, wrong charges or system and process errors with changes of tenancy etc. Additionally, human error can also contribute, but more often, it’s due to the complex flows of data between different bodies across the supply chain.

Often there is no way of knowing whether a bill is correct or not, and so historical audits and validation are required to analyse and check the data. Simply checking the invoice total is the same or similar to a previous invoice, does not identify if the charge was correct in the first place.

Significant savings from reclaiming refunds can be achieved in addition to ensuring that charges are accurate for future invoices.

Is your business missing out?

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Whatever you decide – don’t stay static!


So Cool in Brussels

GET Solutions exhibit SolarCool Technology in Brussels

GET Solutions are proud to exhibit the SolarCool thermodynamic system at the Brussels WHG EMEA summit which runs today and tomorrow at the Dolce La Hulpe Hotel.

The Solar Thermodynamic Assisted refrigeration, heating and cooling system is the most energy efficient refrigeration and air conditioning technology on the planet – the hotter it gets, the more efficient the system becomes!

Commercial refrigeration and air conditioning is one of the largest consumers of electricity in today’s world, and therefore this technology is prime for commercial applications.

With over 6,000 commercial installations in the last 3 years, this innovative technology which collects and utilises free natural energy from the sun is set to to be a big hit with businesses wanting to reduce their operational costs.

Find out more on SolarCool here.

2.5 Million face a Bill Price Hike

2.5 Million consumers face an energy bill hike

One of the big six energy suppliers has announced they will raise their standard variable dual fuel tariff by 8.8 per cent, on their standard variable gas and electricity only tariffs by 3.8 and 13.8 per cent respectively.

The cause of the price hike is predominantly due to the increase in supply costs, but also the supplier also recognised costs arising from environmental and social schemes, which support renewable energy in order for customers to use less energy. Such schemes, the supplier announced have led to a 36% increase in the company’s cost base.

Despite the price hikes, the big six supplier, Eon has advised they have a range of initiatives designed to ‘shield’ vulnerable customers from potential adverse impacts. Tony Cocker, chief executive of Eon UK said: “This is the first time since January 2014 that we have increased our standard variable prices”, and also went on to say: “although these costs had been partially ‘offset’ by the company via its wholesale hedging strategy, a price rise was nevertheless necessary”.

Eon have expressed that they will contact their customers with personalised savings messages, expressing how easy it is to swap to another tariff.

Our advice:

Energy consumers, whether they are domestic or commercial need to stay on top of their energy supply contracts and regularly assess the market. Not only is this important if they are to obtain the best deal, but also in order to get the deal that suits their individual consumption pattern.

For domestic consumers click here to compare every single tariff available in the UK in one easy to use platform.

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Whatever you decide – don’t stay static!

1 Month until Deregulation

It’s your choice!

Next month, your business will be able to select who supplies its clean and waste water services, and decide upon a package that’s right for your business.

News of the pending launch of the water retail market is set to increase over the coming days, with differences of opinion from all sides on the potential impact it will provide. As an example of how things could unfold, we can look at the Scottish market which deregulated in 2008, and also draw from experiences from the deregulation of the UK’s Energy market.

Ultimately, it will come down to individual circumstances, consumption profiles and the billing structure on existing accounts, and this will determine the advantages that can be achieved by deregulation. For some the initial savings will provide reason enough to switch, whereas for others the real value will come from bill analysis, retrospective recovery and switching.

Prior to businesses going to market, they should first of all fully understand their consumption and billing history as they can then align the best package for their needs. The starting point to obtain this information is to analyse your companies’ water bills, but with so many stories in the media around people being significantly over charged, there is no way of knowing the accuracy of this information.

Companies such as ourselves with honed skillsets and services specifically focussed on consumption and procurement, are a natural choice with regards to providing water solutions, and with over 40,000 clients we have a proven track record of utilising market intelligence and group purchasing to deliver successful procurement strategies.

But we are not in the business of simply switching people – our specialty is working alongside our clients as a utility partner, recommending and assisting the deployment of innovative technologies in addition to procurement continuation. With financing through to installation, our objective is to significantly reduce client consumption, and deliver an impressive sustainable cost reduction programme with an equally impressive return on investment.

Our advice:

Consider your options, get an accurate snap shot of your companies’ usage and then go to market. If you don’t have the time, the experience and there is no cost, why not let a company such as ourselves look into it for you?

We can advise on best practice, help achieve retrospective recovery of overpayments for a period of up to 6 years, and provide a choice of excellent water packages including: a Flexible, a 1 Year fixed, 2 Year Fixed or a 3 Year Fixed contracts. So whether you prefer to opt for budget certainty or would rather track the market – we have a water deal to suit your needs.

Whatever you decide – don’t stay static!

With less than a month to go, your competitors may already be testing the water, and have a head start.

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