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Tom Bailey on Keeping the Lights On

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Tom Bailey on Keeping the Lights On

Our energy expert, specialist procurement manager, Tom Bailey, talks about the current winter energy fear gripping the UK.

For the past two years the UK has experienced unusually warm winters, which has led to less energy usage.

Between January and April this year we experienced an influx of windy weather, producing a lot of renewable energy. This increase led to energy prices falling to a four-year low, and little has changed.

Whilst the energy industry has been able to secure and use the renewable energy efficiently, we cannot survive on the hope of having another mild winter. Not when you consider that this winter is meant to be the coldest in a century, with arctic freeze gripping the UK.

Added to this concern, the UK Government have failed to meet their targets that promised new power stations, adding pressure upon our existing 1980s gas-fired power stations that are rapidly deteriorating. This has put the UK energy industry in a situation where there is no confirmed energy supply for the future.

Something that is increasingly worrying when you consider that energy stores in the UK are at all time low, with National Grid warning that we have just 4% spare electricity capacity for this winter.

Previously, both the UK and US relied upon LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) that was shipped from the Middle East. However the discovery of trapped natural shale gas in the US led to prices falling, as the US began exporting this as oil.

For UK energy markets to curb their reliance on imported energy, there has to be efficient energy management processes in place.

At Get Solutions we have taken this on board and we can help businesses identify what energy methods work best for them.  We visit properties and provide a tailored estimate of improvements that can be made, based on what they already have available.

We can also create a ‘green fund’ to help people reduce their energy consumption, and exploit the opportunities from solar, CHP and a variety of different technologies, leading to a reduction in energy consumption and associated costs.

So while the UK Government may not be delivering on its promise, we at Get Solutions are delivering on our commitment to using the latest market intelligence and technology to provide the most effective solutions around.

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