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Get Solutions welcomes expert energy specialist

At Get Solutions we’ve recently made a great new addition to our team, specialist procurement manager, Tom Bailey.

With over eight years experience in the energy sector, Tom is ambitious, enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable, making him the perfect fit for our team of energy experts.

Tom’s new role at Get Solutions will see him responsible for product development. Meaning that he will be liaising with energy suppliers to ensure that our customers have the most current, and competitive products, in the energy market.

On taking on his biggest challenge yet, Tom commented: “When it comes to energy, the biggest challenge is working in such a competitive market, whilst ensuring we’re market leaders, not followers.

“And, whilst we need to be current and develop new products, we also need to ensure we have the right balance to cater for different business types, industries and people. So that means having a healthy balance of products and services. Which means you always have to keep moving.”

Managing Director, Alan Dodd, said: “Tom is a fantastic new addition to our team of energy experts, so from all the staff at Get Solutions, we’d like to say welcome to the team!”

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