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4 Top Tips

4 Top Tips during Coronavirus epidemic..

  1. Do NOT cancel Direct Debits – cancelling Direct Debits may result in higher charges being imposed by Suppliers on your Monthly Bills. Some suppliers add up to 7% on your Bill for Cash, Cheque, or BAC’s Payments.
  2. Submit Meter Reads on a Monthly Basis – if your business premises are non-consuming at the moment suppliers may continue to bill you on estimated reads based upon your previous usage history. Please adhere to Social Distancing rules when obtaining Meter Reads.
  3. If you are struggling to make ends meet, do not hesitate to contact your current supplier and discuss your situation with them. Have the following handy:
  • Account Number
  • Latest Energy Invoice
  • Previous Month Usage (in kWh on your invoice)
  • Some suppliers may ask for proof of Accounts, in order to provide evidence that you can keep up with payments in the future.
  1. Talk to us! Energy Prices have fallen rapidly since the start of this year and remain historically low thanks to demand side issues as a result of Covid-19. We are currently seeing exceptionally low offers on Longer Term Gas Contracts especially, and very low Electricity offers also, so please get in touch if you want to avail of budget certainty for the years ahead. We are here to help your business through this tough time.

Keep you and your loved ones safe at this time, from all at GET Solutions UK

We have taken precautions to ensure it’s business as usual, so you will still be able to get in touch on the usual telephone number 024 76630 8830 or email @

The Energy Revolution

The Energy Revolution™ – lowers bills through Coronavirus…

As businesses grapple with the changes imposed through social distancing as an outcome of Coronavirus, a common theme prevails for most… a reduction in takings.

A shortage in footfall, is having an impact on businesses and whilst the Government is putting measures in place to cushion the blow from the virus, bills must be paid, and businesses are hemorrhaging money as a result.

But for businesses that have invested in The Energy Revolution™ technologies, they continue to make savings even during these testing times. Paul Hale Director of Energy Services for GET Generation explains…

“A lot of organisations, but especially those in the Hospitality and Leisure industries are feeling the crunch as they have been forced to close due to social distancing. Occupancy and footfall levels have dropped through the floor, but despite no takings, their buildings are still consuming heat and power as many of these buildings can’t simply be switched off. This consumption is classed as a base load and can be a significant cost to their business when they are not operating”.

Paul continued “Energy Revolution™ customers are in the same boat, they’re not making money. However, they are in a stronger position as their energy costs remain lower. It’s true their consumption and energy costs may have dropped with occupancy levels, but their Energy Revolution savings (which are guaranteed) continue even at the lower consumption levels”.

If you would like to find out more about The Energy Revolution ™ and how it can help your organisation please contact, or telephone 024 7630 8830.



GET Solutions service as normal.

We hope you, your families and colleagues are keeping safe and in good health during these challenging and unprecedented times. GET Solutions are operating our service as normal whilst adapting to the criteria set down by the Government.

We recognise that, during this difficult period, businesses have many priorities to juggle and we would like to let you know that we are here to fully support you in managing your energy requirements, ensuring continuity of supply, with minimal input from you. Our aim is simply to alleviate the burden that our customers are now facing.

Help to pay…

Currently, if organisations feel they are unable to pay their bills they should ring their energy supplier in order to discuss their situation and set up a payment plan. They should be armed with the following whilst speaking to their supplier:

– Account Number
– Previous Month Energy Usage
– Evidence that the business are able to meet repayments further down the line (company accounts)

Domestic users: domestic users will be able to do the same. However if you have a Pre-payment Meter and are struggling to ‘Top Up’, the Government and the Energy Industry have agreed that you can nominate a third party to ‘Top Up’ for you.

We have taken precautions to ensure it’s business as usual, so you will still be able to get in touch on the usual telephone number 024 76630 8830 or email @