Solar Thermodynamic Assisted Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

The most energy efficient
refrigeration & air-conditioning
on the planet

Over 6,000 commercial installations in the last 3 years.

Commercial refrigeration is one of the largest consumers of electricity in today's world.

Our innovative single and multiplex solar thermodynamic systems reduce the energy consumption on a fixed speed staged, inverter and digital scroll systems, by as much as 60%

The hotter it gets, the more
efficient the system becomes.

Efficiency | Available Sunlight

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How it works...

Solar Thermodynamic collects clean, free, natural energy from the sun. However, it is not a solar photovoltaics (PV) system. It would take 30 – 40 250w solar photovoltaics (PV) system to match the performance of 1 of our systems partnered with a 30Kw cooling capacity unit.

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SolarCool Products

Cooler than a penguin's popsicle. This clever, clean, green innovation is purpose built for all types of application across all aspects of refrigeration and air temperature control. There are virtually no applications that our system can not be partnered with to improve efficiencies. Suitable for new build or retro-fit applications.

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