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1 Month until Deregulation

It’s your choice!

Next month, your business will be able to select who supplies its clean and waste water services, and decide upon a package that’s right for your business.

News of the pending launch of the water retail market is set to increase over the coming days, with differences of opinion from all sides on the potential impact it will provide. As an example of how things could unfold, we can look at the Scottish market which deregulated in 2008, and also draw from experiences from the deregulation of the UK’s Energy market.

Ultimately, it will come down to individual circumstances, consumption profiles and the billing structure on existing accounts, and this will determine the advantages that can be achieved by deregulation. For some the initial savings will provide reason enough to switch, whereas for others the real value will come from bill analysis, retrospective recovery and switching.

Prior to businesses going to market, they should first of all fully understand their consumption and billing history as they can then align the best package for their needs. The starting point to obtain this information is to analyse your companies’ water bills, but with so many stories in the media around people being significantly over charged, there is no way of knowing the accuracy of this information.

Companies such as ourselves with honed skillsets and services specifically focussed on consumption and procurement, are a natural choice with regards to providing water solutions, and with over 40,000 clients we have a proven track record of utilising market intelligence and group purchasing to deliver successful procurement strategies.

But we are not in the business of simply switching people – our specialty is working alongside our clients as a utility partner, recommending and assisting the deployment of innovative technologies in addition to procurement continuation. With financing through to installation, our objective is to significantly reduce client consumption, and deliver an impressive sustainable cost reduction programme with an equally impressive return on investment.

Our advice:

Consider your options, get an accurate snap shot of your companies’ usage and then go to market. If you don’t have the time, the experience and there is no cost, why not let a company such as ourselves look into it for you?

We can advise on best practice, help achieve retrospective recovery of overpayments for a period of up to 6 years, and provide a choice of excellent water packages including: a Flexible, a 1 Year fixed, 2 Year Fixed or a 3 Year Fixed contracts. So whether you prefer to opt for budget certainty or would rather track the market – we have a water deal to suit your needs.

Whatever you decide – don’t stay static!

With less than a month to go, your competitors may already be testing the water, and have a head start.

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