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36k water meter switches

Water switch

36 Thousand water meter switches – is it time you are on-board?


In just three months from March to June there has been 36,301 switches by business water customers according to the Market Operator Services Limited (MOSL).

£200 million worth of savings available

With an estimated £200 million worth of savings available to businesses across the country, businesses are urged to examine the benefits of switching. Customers that switch are likely to experience lower costs with an improved quality of service and in the case of GET Solutions clients: an additional water management and retrospective bill analysis service, to identify and claim back overpayments for a period of up to 6 years.

With the market being made up of 2.6 million supply points, the majority of businesses are yet to switch and realise the opportunities that an open market provides.

Possible cause of averseness to switch…

Lord Redesdale suggested that “a lack of awareness may be holding the water retail market back, as they are coming across people time and again who have no idea about deregulation of the water market.”

MOSL also expressed that “small businesses are time poor and are therefore unable to compare suppliers and negotiate the complex pricing models.” However, 58% of consumers that have switched have a water consumption of below 1,000 litres of water a day and these businesses include, local shops, pubs and churches.”

If time is restricting your business from exploring the benefits of the water retail market, our advice is to seek assistance. Within just a few minutes, you can easily assign GET Solutions the task of analysing complex water pricing models to find the very best deal for you.

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