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World Chocolate Day

world chocolate day

How much chocolate do you consume?


World chocolate day is an observance that occurs globally every year on the 7th July. It has been stated that chocolate was first introduced into Europe 467 years ago today.

To celebrate World Chocolate Day, we’ve decided to look at the energy levels that chocolate provides, but to illustrate this energy in a format we can easily visualise, we decided to quantify in relation to the volume of energy consumed by our Coventry HQ offices. .

Taking a standard 200g dairy milk chocolate bar, we noticed it provides 553kJ of energy for every 25 grammes of chocolate. Analysing our energy bill, we calculated our office on average consumes 116 kWh of energy per day.


To operate our office on world chocolate day, our HQ office would consume approximately 95x 200g bars of dairy milk chocolate.How much chocolate will you consume, on world chocolate day?

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