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Helping to protect the Amazon Rainforest

GET Solutions are aiding the protection of trees in the rainforest against illegal loggers and ranchers by drinking coffee!

We’ve been in partnership with Cool Earth through 2015/16 and are extremely proud to announce that we’ve protected 202 Tree’s with 219 tonnes of CO2 locked in.

As straight forward as it sounds, this has been achieved through simply drinking coffee! Our daily consumption of coffee has kept the whole office a lot more awake and greener at the same time.

Cool Earth aren’t just a coffee provider, they thrive on achieving a better future for the environment. Their main aim is to halt rainforest destruction that’s at a major threat from loggers by working alongside indigenous villages.

One Cool Earth project is the Lubutu project which involves working with five villages in eastern DR Congo to form a buffer for two neighbouring national parks. This project alone has sheltered 6.710 species of animal and protected 19 endangered species.

Click here to see our certificate. Not only is this another success story for our company, it makes us feel a lot less guilty about having that extra cup of coffee during a long working day!

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