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P272 Energy Industry Change


Energy Industry update P272


What the P272 change will mean for customers.

What is P272?
P272 is an industry-wide regulatory change instigated by Ofgem to give customers more cost reflective bills.

Who is affected?
All businesses using electricity meters in Profile Classes (PC) 05-08 with a working advanced automated meter read (AMR) meter.

What changes with P272?
Business within the 05-08 Profile Classes are to be moved from non-half hourly (NHH) meter read supply contracts to a half hourly (HH) AMR supply contract.

How will I be impacted?
You’ll receive more accurate billing which reflects your consumption as opposed to industry profiling based upon a relevant Profile Classes typical usage as with non-half hourly.

What if I don’t have an advanced AMR meter?
We’ll arrange for you to receive an AMR meter if you’re a PC05-08 customer.

Benefits of P272

Half hourly meter reads-Your bill will reflect actual usage providing you with greater billing accuracy.
Energy Efficiency-Customers who invest in energy efficiency technologies will reduce demand at peak periods and benefit from lower bills
Supplier Maintained Networks-Distributors will be able to better understand electricity usage, so they can make sure networks are maintained appropriately.

GET Solutions are available to assist and guide you through the P272 transitional period. If you would like further information or assistance on P272, please contact us or visit the Ofgem website.

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