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Climate Change Levy (CCL) set to increase

ccl increase

Climate Change Levy (CCL) set to increase in April 2019

What is CCL?
Climate change levy is a Government originated charge that is paid to HM Revenue & Customs. It is a tax on energy to increase energy efficiency and to reduce carbon emissions across business and public sector organisations.

Why are these changes taking place?
The government is increasing this environmental tax to recover the revenue for abolishing the antiquated carbon reduction commitment (CRC), but also to strengthen the incentive for businesses and public sector organisations to reduce the amount of energy they are consuming.

An example of the CCL main rate changes includes a staggering 45% increase for Electricity (£ per kilowatt hour) from 0.00583 to 0.00847, and a 66% increase for Natural Gas (£ per KWh) from 0.00203 to 0.00339. For full details on the CCL rates click here.

How to avoid the CCL increase.
A fantastic way to avoid the increase in energy prices is to reduce your business’ energy consumption as Climate Change Levy is charged in pence per unit (kWh). We can make simple changes to the way we consume energy by changing behaviours such as, turning off computers when we leave our desks etc. or by switching to low cost, energy efficient technologies such as LED lighting which boasts approx. 80% savings against traditional lighting methods.

Another fantastic way to reduce energy consumption is to introduce localised energy generation units.
To find out how we can help you avoid the CCL increase contact us on Tel. 024 76630 8830 or email @

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