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SMEs overpay for energy

SMEs overpay for energy by £7 billion

Today it has been published that small and medium sized business may have overpaid for their energy by a staggering £7 billion in the last year alone.

The Competition and Markets Authority published its final recommendations in June, after finding that half of SME customers with one of the big six suppliers have not switched supplier in at least 5 years, and many of these have stayed with the same supplier for far longer.

Our advice for SME organisations

DON’T STAY STATIC: Explore the market and see what’s available. Business that don’t switch could easily find themselves on out of contract rates which moves the cost up to a premium level.

When exploring the market, be mindful that the cheapest cost per kWh, isn’t necessarily the cheapest deal. There are many elements that make up your bill and these can vary dependant on the supplier and push the overall cost up.

GET Advice: we offer independent impartial advice on a no-obligation basis, we can review your bills and advise which energy products and service suit your individual requirements, furthermore, we’ll do this on an annual basis, so you have peace of mind that you’re not part of this £7 billion pound statistic.

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