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Lighting Timers & Sensors

It is no secret that making discrete changes in and around your business site can have a dramatic effect on your energy bills. Our selection of lighting timers avoid the potentially draining issue of lights being needlessly switched on. Similarly our sensors ensure that lighting is automated to come on only when it is absolutely necessary. 

High Frequency Motion Sensor – Hidden & Practical

The adjustable High Frequency sensitivity is suitable for vapour proof fittings as there is no need to drill any holes for installing. This sensor uses state-of-the-art features, which refer to the Doppler’s Principle. When someone is moving, the main lamp (controlled by the sensor relay) will turn on automatically. The lamp will not turn off until everyone has left its operating range and no movement is detected for the full duration of the relay delay time.

Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR)- Outdated & Unreliable

We recommend against the use of PIR sensors that are prevalent on many budget domestic floodlights as they are heavily reliant on the environment and have a very narrow operating temperature range.

PIR switches can rapidly and sharply decrease in sensitivity above 33°C and can fail completely when the temperature drops to less than 5°C, both of which is viable in the UK climate and in the ceiling and roof spaces in the office environment.