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LED Technology

The improved development of LED Lighting has provided a recent breakthrough in both design and energy saving.

• Long life, low maintenance cost – LED lifespan can be over 50,000 hours with consistent light output. With 10 hours usage every day, the replacement lifespan could exceed 10 years, offering a double saving through reduced maintenance costs.

• Fully dimmable – Being able to fully dim LEDs makes for greater energy savings and extended lifetime as well as operating in conjunction with sensor controls.

• Rugged durability and reliability – LED lights have no fragile filament or tube. They are more resistant to cold temperatures and shock, relative to HID and fluorescent lamps.

• Flicker free operation – This stroboscopic effect can be dangerous in areas with moving or rotating machinery and can also trigger epilepsy.

• Instant light – LEDs have no ‘run-up’ period or re-strike delay.


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