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Dynamic Burner Management Units

The main goal of a Dynamic Burner Unit (DBMU) is to reduce the time a boiler is running.

It is designed specifically for gas and oil boilers, and will be suitable for floor standing boilers greater than 50kW and up to 2,000kW. It will not affect the Building Management System (BMS), nor will the BMS impact on the BMU.

The BMU is:

  • The only energy saving product that has been independently certified by the Building Research Establishment (BRE). Extensive laboratory tests were carried out on the performance of the product, and the BRE gave a tick, which is unique to the Burner Management Unit.
  • Designed to move itself in and out of circuit every 50 cycles. It intelligently compares fuel consumption and calculates a savings report. It holds the results of three tests in the memory, which can be downloaded into a palm-held computer, which produces a record of the savings over 150 boiler cycles.