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The complaint must include the following:

• Lead customer contact name and Position
• Business trading name
• Date of Complaint
• Supplier (if available)
• MPAN/MPR reference number(s)
• Address (including supply address if different)
• Name of third party agent ( if applicable)
• Complaint Details
• Resolution you are looking for

1.3 Your complaint will be logged and acknowledged upon receipt. Your complaint will be allocated a reference number which must be quoted in any future correspondence.

1.4 If we cannot resolve your complaint within 1 working day, we will write or telephone you confirming what actions are being taken to resolve your complaint.

1.5 You will be contacted again before 7 working days have elapsed to discuss the findings to date and agree a resolution. If this has not possible for any exceptional reason, an update on progress at that time and any actions taken will be provided.

1.6 Confirmation of any resolution will be confirmed in writing to you preferably by e-mail or letter.

1.7 If an acceptable resolution has not been achieved within 7 working days, the complaint will be escalated for further investigation.