Coventry Rugby Club

Coventry Rugby Club is a thriving City business of 141 years and offers a variety of services which include Community programmes, Academy Development Centre, Match day tickets, Hospitality, Membership and Sponsorship services, in addition to a first rate venue for Conferences and Events.

As an established City business, our strategy is to add value to the core business wherever possible so we can channel revenue into the Team, Community and Academy schemes. Having identified energy as a crucial cost, we appointed fellow Coventry business and energy consultancy GET Solutions, to assist us in managing our energy more effectively.

Not only do GET Solutions purchase our energy at excellent rates, providing budget certainty, they also track energy markets for us, so we can take advantage if the market dips. Working with GET Solutions has been a breath of fresh air, helping us achieve financial goals through efficient energy management, but more importantly, freeing our time, so we can focus on our game, ‘the running and the successful progression of Coventry Rugby Club.’

Phil Maynard, General Manager, Coventry Rugby Club