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Domestic Energy Switching

2016 witnessed a 26% increase in the number of consumers changing their energy supply contracts, however, there are still over 20 million households paying over the odds for their domestic energy, an aggregated over payment figure of over £2 Billion per year!

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When families move home or their energy contract comes to an end, they are defaulted on to energy suppliers higher charging 'standard variable' or equivalent tariff, but these are known in the industry as 'Out of contract rates' and cost the consumer a lot more. If you've not switched in the last 12 months this could be you!

Why should you switch energy?

When we do the weekly/monthly shop, we compare products, prices, source of origin and special offers and energy should be no different. In a move to tackle this problem of over payment, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has been seeking ways to encourage households to seek better deals which could provide a typical saving of up to £200 per year.

Our advice for domestic energy users

Reward yourself with a better energy supply contract! It costs nothing to check and there is no obligation for you to switch unless your happy to do so. Our GET Rewards switching site searches, and compares every single tariff available from every single supplier in the UK. So you're sure to get the best available deal.

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