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P272 Prompts Switching Surge


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P272 prompts a switching surge

Since P272 was implemented on the 1st April, there has been a surge in supplier switching in February and March which is believed to be as a result of customers being fearful of increased energy costs as a result.

What is P272

P272 is an amendment to the energy balancing and settlement code where half hourly metering became mandatory for most classes of business users.

Normally businesses that are effected by P272 would be in 1.5 or 2 year contract cycles and switching registrations normally spike in October and April. So this ‘out of the ordinary’ spike in switching will be welcomed news to Ofgem because it suggests there is a significant increase in customer engagement.

GET Solutions are available to assist and guide you through the P272. If you would like further information or assistance on P272, please contact us or visit the Ofgem website.

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