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P272 deadline is just 6 weeks away


Are your affected sites ready


What the P272 change will mean for customers.

The P272 deadline is just around the corner, however there is still time to appoint a P272 Hourly Meter Operator (MOP) and Data Collector (DC) to ensure your organisation is migrated to Half Hourly (HH) Settlement in time.

P272 is a mandatory industry change that you can’t choose.
If you do nothing your affected sites will automatically be transitioned to your suppliers default service. This may stop you getting the right service for your needs and the right value.

However, you can choose an independent Meter Operator and Data Collector and get the right option for your ongoing P272 Half Hourly services.

Benefits of P272

Half hourly meter reads-Your bill will reflect actual usage providing you with greater billing accuracy.
Energy Efficiency-Customers who invest in energy efficiency technologies will reduce demand at peak periods and benefit from lower bills
Supplier Maintained Networks-Distributors will be able to better understand electricity usage, so they can make sure networks are maintained appropriately.

GET Solutions are available to assist and guide you through the P272 transitional period. If you would like further information or assistance on P272, please contact us or visit the Ofgem website.

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