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Business Energy

Business Energy

We reduce the cost of your business energy by independently comparing the best rates on the market

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Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring

Giving you clarity on consumption with smart meters and software to easily analyse and reduce your usage

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Energy Management

Energy Management

Reducing your energy consumption by installing the most innovative energy saving solutions on the market

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Price Shield

Price Shield

Fix your business energy at wholesale rates and still benefit from price dips with Price Shield from GET Energy+

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As we draw ever closer to the EU referendum on UK Membership, the ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ campaigns are in full swing... Read more

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The recent revision of our 'third party charge' forecast, highlights significant price increases to electricity... Read more

Strong upward pressure under oil prices?

Due to a decline in oil investments for two years in a row, if demand gets stronger, we may see strong upward pressure under oil prices... Read more


P272 Energy Industry Change

Ofgem instigate a regulatory change for greater billing accuracy... Read more

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